Collier Family Medical is a direct primary care office. What does this mean? It means a personalized relationship with your provider, extended appointment times, often 30-60 minutes if needed, no waiting room time, no co-pays, after hours texting or calling with your provider, free routine lab work yearly, additional labs at 90% cheaper than anywhere else, some medications for free, and all meds 70-90% off goodrx prices, same day/ next day appointments, and lastly access to a medical doctor, nurse practitioner, pharmacist, and specialists at your fingertips and no extra cost with those consultations. I know it sounds too good to be true, but by giving ALL the glory to God I have been able to do this in less than a year for over 200 people serving those with and without insurance! How can I help those with insurance? Most insurance deductibles are well over $2000. This does not include medications, copays, or specialty care. A year’s membership with the above benefits is less than $800 per person. Who is eligible? Anyone! Ages 0-110. Although insurance is not accepted, you can still have it for those big-ticket items so to speak and use it when needed.

Adults: $65 per month per person with a one-time $100 enrollment fee per person. 
Older Adult 65+: $75 per month per person
Dependents (Ages 0-21): with adult membership: $20 per month per person (Ages 22-26): with adult membership: $30 per person per month. One-time enrollment fee of $50 per person 

Spouses $120/month with one-time $200 enrollment fee
Family enrollment fees cap at $200 no matter how many dependents. 
Small Business: (10+ employees/spouses): one time enrollment fee cut in half to $50 per person. 
Large Business: (25+ employees/spouses/dependents): Membership discount to $60 per month per person, plus enrollment fee
Extra-large business: (50+ employees/spouses/dependents): Membership discount to $55 per month per person