Welcome to Collier Family Medical

Your premier destination for Direct Primary Care.

What does Direct Primary Care mean?

Direct Primary Care at Collier Family Medical means a healthcare experience like no other. It means forging a personalized relationship with your provider, where your health and well-being are the top priorities. 

As a member, you have access to a medical doctor, certified family nurse practitioner, pharmacist, and specialists, all at your fingertips and at no extra cost for consultations.

Too Good to Be True?

We know it might sound too good to be true, but it’s not. Thanks to the grace of God, we’ve been able to provide this level of care to over 200 individuals in less than a year, serving both those with and without insurance.

How Can We Help Those With Insurance?

Even if you have insurance, you’ll find immense value in our services. Most insurance deductibles exceed $2000, and that’s before considering the costs of medications, co-pays, or specialty care. 

A year’s membership with Collier Family Medical, complete with the benefits, costs less than $1200 per person.

Who Is Eligible?

At Collier Family Medical, our care knows no bounds. We serve anyone, from the youngest to the wisest, ages 0-110.

While insurance may not cover our in-house services, having it for those significant healthcare expenses is a smart choice. Use it when you need it while enjoying the exceptional benefits of our Direct Primary Care.

Join us at Collier Family Medical and experience healthcare that’s truly centered around you.

What’s Included in the Membership?

Extended Appointment Times

We dedicate 30-60 minutes to you, ensuring your concerns are heard and addressed comprehensively.

No Waiting Room Time

Say goodbye to long waits in crowded waiting rooms. We respect your time.

After-Hours Accessibility

We offer the convenience of texting or calling your provider after hours for urgent medical needs.

Same-Day/Next-Day Appointments

Quick access to care when you need it most.

No Co-Pays

You won't have to worry about co-pays for your visits.

Free Routine Lab Work

Enjoy free routine lab work yearly to keep track of your health.

Affordable Additional Labs

Need more specialized tests? Our additional labs are offered at a remarkable 90% discount compared to other providers.

Cost Savings on Medications

Some medications are even provided for free, and all other medications are available at a substantial 70-90% discount off GoodRx prices.



Per Person
$ 90 Per Month
  • One-time enrollment fee: $100
  • Family enrollment fees cap at $200 no matter how many dependents.


Per Person
$ 30 Per Month
  • With Adult Membership
  • Ages: 0-26 years
  • One-time enrollment fee: $50
  • Family enrollment fees cap at $200 no matter how many dependents.


Per Couple
$ 180 Per Month
  • One-time enrollment fee: $200
  • Family enrollment fees cap at $200 no matter how many dependents.

Business Pricing

Your Care Team

  • Certified Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Pharmacist
  • Physician consult (as needed)
  • Specialty physician consult (as needed)
  • ALL included in your membership at no extra cost.