Here at Collier Family Medical, we are always striving to increase the value of your membership. Memberships include unlimited office appointments, same day/next day acute care appointments, free routine lab work once a year, free texting and calling with your provider, after hours care with your provider, AND the newest addition is the free medications sent directly to your door at no extra cost than the cost of your monthly membership. Memberships start at $90/month with a one-time enrollment fee of $100. We would love to care for you and your whole family. Vaccination is not required and insurance is not required. We offer better quality healthcare for less. We love to listen to our patients and work TOGETHER to care for your needs for you to be a healthier you. Call to schedule your appointment at 704-240-5260 or go online and enroll at collierfamilymedical.com and we will call you. Thank you so much and have a blessed day.


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