Hi! I am so glad you decided to take time out of your busy day to learn about my practice. I am a God-fearing wife, mother, and family nurse practitioner. Originally from Indiana, my family and I decided to move south to enjoy the greater things in life, such as, mountains, warmer weather, and focus our attention to God. My junior high school sweetheart, Tyler accompanied me, with our two children Tyler Jr., and Tillie Mae. We are loving it!
I have been in healthcare for over 15 years. I have been a family nurse practitioner for 3 years. All 3 years running a health center independently in primary family care. My passion is to be able to sit, educate my patients, help them understand the whys and what the plan is to fix their concerns and healthcare needs.
I hope you love the health center and idea of DPC as much as I do, because it truly gives me more opportunity to give you the best healthcare possible. Please reach out for any questions and thank you again for your consideration of letting me be your healthcare provider.
Have a blessed day!
Amanda Collier, FNP-C
Tyler J.R.
Tillie Mae