Provider Amanda Collier is a Family Nurse Practitioner accepting new patients in Lincolnton North Carolina.

Provider, Amanda Collier is a Family Nurse Practitioner Accepting New Patients in Lincolnton North Carolina – I am a determined practitioner who delivers excellent care for my patients and the broader community. I am lucky to have my own practice and to serve Lincoln County here at Collier Family Medical.

With that being said, I have about 50 patients at this time, and garnered that number of patients in just a little over two months. I started CFM in October, 2021, developing a low-cost healthcare practice to meet the needs of Lincoln County. I take care of a diverse group of people from many different backgrounds.

I will likely cap at 400 to 500 patients to maintain this high level of care, service, and excellence for my patients. Collier Family Medical will likely reach a full panel in 6 months to 12 months from this time, so if you’re looking for an excellent direct primary care provider, please sign up to be one of our patients sooner than later, before our panel is full.

Our patients love Collier Family Medical and they have given great reviews on our website and google. Here’s a few recent reviews:

“Amanda is very thorough and you can tell she cares about her patients. I would highly recommend Collier Family Medicine to anyone seeking medical care.”

“Amanda had a very hands-on approach to healthcare. I have insurance, but unfortunately the deductible is high and hard to meet. I also had a primary care dr that I had been seeing for over 5 years. At that office no one ever took the time to really listen or look into things that I was concerned with. Since I’ve been with Amanda, I have had thorough blood work done, got allergy medicine for MUCH cheaper, adjusted my daily anxiety meds to something that makes me feel so much better, started on a track to a healthier life and gained a friend. The best decision I have ever made. “

“I had a wonderful experience at Collier family medical I will recommend to all friends and family”

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