Direct Primary Care vs Traditional Primary Care, Lincolnton NC

One providerMultiple Providers (whoever can get you in)
Same day or next day appointmentWeeks to months
Paid by keeping you healthyPaid by the sicker you are
After-hours care with your providerAn on-call provider or service
No Co-paysCo-pays
AutonomyDictated by insurance
30–60-minute appointments15-minute appointment

Collier Family Medical strives to keep you healthy, be available when you need me, and give Glory to God while doing it. I love developing a one-on-one relationship with you and making sure I am providing the best care and my best self to you. Come check us out.

Even if you have insurance we can save you money. Facts such as 31.8% of the insurance claims came from office visits (each $40 copay not factored into this), and that 34.4% of their claims were for medications. One group was paying $12000 per year, per employee yet a single individual never claimed over $3000 per year.

A year’s membership is $780 and even less if paid upfront. This covers unlimited office visits with no-copays, after-hours care, 7 of the top prescribed medications for free, and routine lab work for free. We have a pharmacy with many prescriptions all at a lower cost and most even cheaper than GoodRx!

Free Medications- omeprazole, metformin, lisinopril, hydrochlorothiazide, amlodipine, metoprolol tartrate, and atorvastatin.

Routine lab work checks for anemia, infection, liver, kidney, thyroid function, electrolytes, diabetes, and prostate antigen.

Enroll today! Feel Free to email me at or call 704-240-5260

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