Skin tag or Mole need removed?

Do you have skin tags, warts, plantar warts, a pesky sebaceous cyst? With a membership you can get them removed for as low as $20 per treatment. In 2013 the US average cost for removing ONE wart was over $110.96. The average cost for removing ONE skin tag was over $85.13 These are the amounts the provider got paid, not how much the insurance collected from the patient.

Collier Family Medical offers simple office procedures for a lower cost. We put your needs first. We can often get you in the same day or next day. A membership is only $65 a month. It includes unlimited office visits, no-pays, free routine lab work, some medications for free, and all at a lower cost than GoodRx. AND a FREE app for after-hours care for you to avoid the urgent care and emergency room whenever possible!

There are discounts available for couples, small and large business, AND when you refer 5 people you get a MONTH free.

Call today to get your appointment 704-240-5260 or Enroll online or go to and check us out!

I can’t wait to meet you—-Amanda

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