Attention Small Business Owners in Lincolnton, NC

What incentives are you giving your employees? Do you offer benefits? At Collier Family Medical we are contracting with small businesses to be able to provide a healthcare benefit to keep employees healthier, feel appreciated, and keep them at work. Collier Family Medical offers unlimited office appointments without co-pays, free routine lab work, SEVEN of the top prescribed medications are FREE, and a FREE app for after-hours care to avoid the urgent cares and emergency room visits. DPC not only lowers costs but also leads to better overall health for their employees. At CFM we are happy to come to your business meetings, to speak at your employee events, and to educate your team about the benefits of having us as your primary care provider.

Reasons why to choose Collier Family Medical to partner with your business for a healthcare benefit.

  1. Saves money…healthcare is one of the largest expenses second to payroll. We can keep your employees healthier, by offering personalized care, same day appointments, on-site medications, and after-hours care.
  2. Incentivizes Health. Instead of promoting a “sick plan,” one where sickness is managed through reactive care, DPC chooses to finance health by being proactive. This means healthier employees at a lower cost. When an Employer chooses to switch to DPC, they are incentivized to stay healthy in order to reduce health claims, thereby saving the company money. With FFS, the cost remains the same no matter how healthy or sick the employees become.
  3. Unrivaled Patient Care. DPC members rave about the doctor-patient relationship, frequent communication from the practice staff, and 24/7 access — just three of the many facets of patient experience that FFS seems to be missing. Check out our webpage to read real-life testimonials, quick anecdotes, and see the value of Direct Primary Care.

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Contact Amanda Collier, family nurse practitioner and small business owner @ 704-240-5260.

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