At Collier Family Medical, our goal is to make health care affordable and accessible in Lincolnton and beyond. We have a membership model for health care and our patients pay about $60 each month to $75 each month. Children pay $20 each month to $30 per month with an enrolled adult. When you’re a member of Collier Family Medical, you can call, text, or email your doctor any time. You can come in for a visit anytime without a co-pay. Visits to Collier Family Medical are included as a part of the membership. We also save people money on their medications and lab work. We buy medications at wholesale prices then we sell these medications to our patients with little to no markup. This makes the medications that we dispense out of our practice much less expensive – sometimes 50% to 90% less expensive – than medications at the retail pharmacy.

Please call, text, or email today for questions. Or go online and enroll and we will call you!

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