Collier Family Medical One Stop Shop

CFM is your one stop shop. As the nurse practitioner and owner, I want to offer the best care at affordable prices. I offer each patient a holistic approach with a caring attentive attitude. As a follower of Jesus Christ, I want to give back to others, use the gifts that were given to me to help the wellbeing of my fellow brothers and sisters. You are more than a patient when you join Collier Family Medical, you become family. 

Services currently offered

-chronic care management

-acute care management 



-specialist consults 

-minor office procedures

-cosmetic procedures 

-weight loss management 

-normal saline IV infusion

-Serves all ages 

Coming Soon!!

– IV nutritional therapy 

-Private contract with Medicare patients (October 1st) 

Memberships start at $65/month, one-time appointments available without a membership. Discounts for spouses, family, small and large business. 

Call or text today. Or enroll online and we will call you!! Enroll Now!!

P: 704-240-5260 F: 704-703-6607

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