Nurse Practitioner accepting patients, Lincolnton NC

Hey everyone! We hope you all had a safe and Merry Christmas. We are heading in to 2022 and wishing everyone, a Jesus filled Happy New Year.

Collier Family Medical is a faith centered health clinic. The reason I tell you, is because I want everyone to know I serve the One and Only. He has provided so many good things in our life. One thing I always said is man, I wish I had a talent, I can’t sing, I can’t dance, etc., but I finally figured out my God given talent.

God gave me the talent to serve others, to provide healthcare, reassurance, and His word to others. I absolutely love my job and have from day one. Besides Jesus and my family, I don’t know what else I would be more focused on. If I had to chose another career, I don’t know what it would be. And I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now.

My point for this post is yes, I am accepting new patients, but so is Jesus. Jesus will accept you over and over, again and again. His love for the things created (you), is more than any of us could understand. By His power we are saved, forgiven, and redeemed.

All we are asked to do is accept Him in our hearts.

Stress, anxiety, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke are in this life, but with Jesus He can heal you or provide hands to help you. I believe this is what Jesus has called me to do. Help others with my hands and a stethoscope, speak the word, and give Him Praise and Glory.

I am accepting new patients and would love to be a part in your life to help you to healing spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Call or text anytime 704-240-5260


Faith, family, friends, and healthcare. God Bless.


Lincolnton Family Nurse Practitioner, Wife, Mother, and Friend

Hello, I am writing to tell you all a little bit about myself. I am a mother of two, a wife to my junior high school sweetheart, I love our Savior Jesus Christ, and healthcare.

I have been in healthcare since I was 16 years old. I started in the nursing home at 16, as a recreational therapy assistant. I provided activities to the residents, that included, games, reading, sitting, listening, talking, massage, and many other things. My spark had been lit. Once of age, I was able to get my certified nursing assistant license. I provided in-depth physical care to the residents and started learning more of the clinical side of healthcare. I worked many 12 hours, 7 days a week shifts, caring for residents, and increasing my basic knowledge. I worked in the hospitals, seeing the traumas, surgeries, and pediatric patients come through.  I then went to school and achieved my associates degree with many physical and emotional challenges, I continued to gain experience, knowledge, and the love for service grew in my heart. I achieved my bachelor’s degree in 2015 and then went directly back for my master’s degree in nursing.

I chose family nurse practitioner, because I want to serve every population that God puts in my path. Choosing this career path was easy but getting here was a mountain. God puts mountains and valleys in our paths, but He always has a plan to get us to the other side of each. Faith can move mountains.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with the community of Lincolnton and those surrounding.

Please visit our website and see what services are available. I would love to speak with you and look forward to hearing from you.


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Amanda and Tyler Collier